Fontana Arte

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The identity of FontanaArte, its history, is brought into focus through the work of people of great intuition and vision.

First among them is Luigi Fontana, who founded a company in 1881 that produced and marketed plate glass. At the time, plate-glass windows were a novelty in Italy and Fontana was one of the first businesses to introduce this cutting-edge material into the country, revolutionising architectural space with the idea of transparency based on the modern triad of air, sun, and light.

FontanaArte was born out of this glass-working enterprise in 1932: a company division specialised in the creation of artistic elements in glass.

Its mastery of “all the fine production processes of glass and crystal”, as written large in advertising materials, and the installation of the most modern technology, including a furnace to bend large sheets of flat glass and a continuous silvering unit, one of the first in Italy, give an idea of the industrial importance of the expressive potentials of glass championed by Luigi Fontana since the beginnings of FontanaArte.




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