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For more than 100 years, we at V-ZUG have made it our mission to make everyday life easier through our high-quality, innovative household appliances. Whether they are cooking, washing dishes or doing laundry, people who expect their appliances to deliver more than just the basics need look no further than V-ZUG. As the Swiss market leader, we live by Swiss values – and make it possible for people all over the world to experience these with simple, individual solutions that provide lifelong inspiration and delight. This is what we mean by “Swiss perfection for your home”.

Destined for greatness in Switzerland
Switzerland is a nation of inventors, the country of precision watches and the home of world-famous chocolate. At the centre of all this is the vibrant and prosperous economic region of Zug. Our roots lie here, at the very heart of Switzerland – both from an ideological point of view as well as a geographical one. Over the course of our 100-year history, the distinctive features of our country have merged with the ideals of our company. To this very day, we still display this pride in our heritage in our company name. The “V” stands for our history as a galvanising plant (Verzinkerei in German) and “ZUG” for our commitment to the Zug region and to Switzerland.

At home anywhere in the world
Nowadays, people all over the world value the innovative strength so closely associated with Switzerland, the high level of precision we deliver and the outstanding quality of our premium products. A few years ago, we decided to reach beyond our national borders and make our high-quality household appliances available all over the world. Since then, we have gained ground in selected markets and are providing discerning customers with a choice range of premium products and excellent service.

V-ZUG is building for the future
Our location in Switzerland continues to play a key role: in order to ensure the continued success of our research, development and production here, we are making our workplace fit for the future. By 2033, there will be an entirely new neighbourhood on our grounds, which will strengthen the company, the industrial location of Zug and Switzerland as a manufacturing base. The first results are already visible in the new Mistral production hall, which has been in operation since the end of 2016, and the new Zephyr Hangar production building, the first part of which was also completed and put into operation at the end of 2019.




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