The essence of good design lies in visual appeal and practicality. This is the concept of Mr. Yang Minghui, a famous Malaysian interior designer and founder of DerKüchen kitchen brand.

 It is the appreciation of the European awareness of this fusion of form and function, and based on the recognition of the development trend of home design space, that inspired Mr. Yang Minghui to introduce high-quality Italian kitchen systems with world-class design tastes into China.

Now, this inspiration has been realized. In March of this year, Mr. Yang Minghui joined hands with the world’s top kitchen brand Valcucine, and cooperated with Italian designers to create a high-end and wealthy exhibition in the integrated exhibition space Boundless Residence [Design•Home] at the 45th Famous Furniture Fair. Valcucine design space for creativity.

As a result, Mr. Yang Minghui and his team took root in China, pushed Valcucine design space to the Chinese terminal market, and served a number of high-end real estate projects and design agencies.

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