The art of pure volumes

There is no borderline between creativity and innovation, between the art of the play of colors and materials and the mathematics of pure volumes.

Our intuition, the possibility of using “pure” materials, not coupled, on the aluminum structure of the doors, opens up to infinite solutions and combinations. From the refined play of glass, in every color and finish, to woods with strong tactile sensations, from lacquered surfaces to metallic laminates. The expression of each customer's personal taste becomes eternal, until it reaches the typical uniqueness of a work of art, represented in the transparency of glass.

The Artematica kitchenit has been studied in detail to make gestures simpler and more casual, the closures soft, to comply with the highest safety standards through the rounding along the edges and profiles.

DESIGN Gabriele Centazzo

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  • Textured surfaces enhance tactile experiences.
  • Rounded door and worktop edges for more safety and cleaning ease
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  • Glass doors can be customised by means of a special inlay technique.
  • Laminates are extremely water, heat and steam resistant.
  • The lightest lacquered door in the world means longer lasting hinges.
  • All the materials must pass strict quality tests before being approved.
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  • The first kitchen with an aluminium door structure that supports “pure”, non-bonded,materials.
  • The first kitchen in the world with a door in layered laminate covered with wood and aluminium.
  • The first kitchen with a door fitted with a rubber soft-close seal.

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