Genius Loci


Genius Loci

The place of personalization

Like the ancient secretaire, the Genius Loci kitchen has a secret, intimate, accomplice space in its drawer. A drawer that is not just a functional space - an ingenious result allowed by the dematerialization of the top - but becomes a strong line that crosses the materiality of the surfaces, like a sign on a canvas.

A sign of continuity or distinction, it is the heart of customization, the precious jewel that - with different finishes and processes which are also the result of craftsmanship - makes the kitchen absolutely unique, with an eternal aesthetic as an expression of the taste of those who use it. wanted. A fundamental detail, which integrates perfectly with the purity of the shapes and materials of the kitchen, for a sophisticated result of maximum research.

DESIGN Gabriele Centazzo

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  • The drawer is inspired by antique desks: it is a secret, intimate space, designed to conceal personal objects and memories
  • Textured surfaces enhance tactile experiences
  • Rounded door and worktop edges for more safety and cleaning ease
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  • The drawer can be customised with precious handicraft embellishments
  • All the materials must pass strict quality tests before being approved
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  • The top is even more dematerialised
  • The top is slimmer, leaving more space for the accessorised drawer
  • The capacity of base units is increased
  • Tradition becomes industrialised: Italian handicraft excellence is promoted through partnerships

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